Public Access WiFi Antenna Build


Build #1 will be with the Rosewill RNX-EasyN1 Wireless-N 4.0 Dongle

I have two of these and inside the house and through 3 walls work flawless.

Parts: empty water bottle [dasani] that USB cable end and WiFi dongle will fit through with out cutting up the bottle.
10ft M/F USB extension cable, tape, glue, broom handle. [also used some string]


Cut a slit in the cap where two threads over lap, then bored out a hole in the center that fits tight to cable, 
that way it can be slid around the cable and then screwed onto the bottle tight.


I poked a hole in the bottom of the bottle and dropped a string through then glued it to the dongle so I could center it in the bottle.
That gen purp epoxy is like hot glue, sticks well but pick at it and it comes off clean.

Just tapped it to the broom handle and screwed it to the house above roof line.


Now for the results, inside the house the dongle picks up 2 secured networks.
[1 is mine]

Out side on the pole I pick up over 15, all secured but the public access.
But I am not getting good signal strength from the public ones Im trying to reach so its quickly onto 
step 2 with the high gain dongle that was able to pull them in strong being just by the window..




TP-LINK TL-WN722N Wireless Adapter High Gain


ok I know you expected to see another top dollar built like above, maybe using a 1liter water bottle for antenna room ;)

Wait and see.




Part 3 was suppose to be a build using an old satellite dish.
Problem is I have to find someone to give me one for near free as for about $20 more,
 I could just buy one of these over what a used sat dish cost.



























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